April 29, 2012

Cyber Clicking

Have you ever joined one of those dating websites?  Did you find anyone? Was it really worth your time?
Well- I've done it all. This site, that site, the other site. Bla bla bla. 
I didn't find anyone, hence the still single thing. And it was basically a waste of my time. 
This is what happened. 

Check it-
First site- you know the one with the so called million compatibility functions. Well, they asked me to put in my preferences. I did and initially I was a little excited about the matches. Once I was done, a whole line up of gents popped up. Apparently when I put in my preferences- I like to be physically active and education is important, I got a line up of meat heads and geeks. Um....not exactly what I was looking for. I really meant- I am looking for someone who values those same characteristics. I really don't want to date a lazy person. I prefer someone who is headed in a healthy direction. As for education, I have a master's degree. So, I need someone to keep up. You know-challenge me, mentally. Also, I like my gents with flavor. This particular site didn't offer anyone with flavor with the characteristically that I value. What? Really? No one with flavor and education applies for these sites. Exactly! NEXT. 

Next site- lets try one with more flavor. Um....right. Now this one has no compatibility functions. All I had to do was create a profile. Then creepy dudes bugged the heck out of me. I would not even call these guys gents. Most of them were looking for "something-something". You know what I mean? wink wink. Not interested. Or they were creepy old guys (again!...I know). There were no men of substance. NEXT.

Next site- lets go opposite. Let's try some religious oriented site. Boring! No flavor here either. A little bit more compatibility than the last- but still nothing. Lame.  Vanilla on top of vanilla. The only funny thing was seeing the same people on the same sites. Hilarious. I'm done. 

So, that's my story of the cyber dating. I'm leaving this fake-profile-online-meeting-shindig. 
I want to talk and flirt with a real person. I don't want to cyber "wink" you or poke you or sign up for a membership only to email you two sentences. I don't need to know your whole life from reading it on one web page. I would like to feel vibes and watch body language. The words on your profile don't show me who you really are. I want to hear inflections and tone and attitude. I don't care about your posed photos and what I should be attracted to. I don't want to meet you in person after I know everything about you online. 
I want to stumble upon someone while my daily walk, or flight rather.  

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