April 22, 2012

Trains, Planes and more Trains.

At my local brew pub, I frequent occasionally- I found myself chatting with an average chap. Normally, I don't flutter about at this particular venue. In fact, it's not even in town. As I sat there, he started up conversation and I indulged for the heck of it. Why not, right? I'm single.
After the pleasantries about jobs and church and such, this particular gent started to talk about trains. He wasn't a regular at this bar. He happen to have been on this side of the neighborhood to watch trains, as he fancy's. At first, I was intrigued because I thought only old men and little boys liked the hobby and love of trains. He was in this early thirties and worked at Home Depot.
"So, do you want to work at Home Depot your whole life or what?" I asked. He did have dreams and goals. So, I kept the conversation going. Even after the awkward silence, the train conversation (might I say quiet one sided) continued. All I really said was, "Wow," "Interesting," and "Humm...I didn't know that".
Somehow, we got on the topic of finding new jobs and I offered him a non-profit website that I visit occasionally. At this point, he had finished his beer around the same time I had finished my second Strongbow. I didn't want to walk out with him. He was vanilla. Bland. Ordinary but socially odd. So, I had a clove and ordered another cider.
He said he had to hit the road as I predicted, and I handed him my business card. I didn't think I was overtly flirty, this was a business contact. He had mentioned grabbing a beer near his place. I shrugged it off- but apparently thirty minutes after I left the bar, he was serious.
Then, he sent me a picture of a train- that same night. Mind you all my reply's to his texts were one word answers. Not only was it a train, but a trash train. Yah, a train that holds trash.
Perhaps, no one told his fellow- sending picture of trash trains to women you're attracted to is not cute. In fact, it's weird and creepy.
I'm ending here. But sadly, this is not the end of train man.

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