April 24, 2012

Robin's and Rum

This urban bird is not prone to say yes to dates at Red Robin at 5pm.
I conferred with several of my buddies- and I got a 50/50 poll answer on whether to go or not.
I went.
I went with a stipulation- that I had to say no, if I wasn't impressed by Red Robin man.
This is where I divulge a secret   ~ It's hard for me to say no. ~
I'm working on it.
Anywho- there I went to Red Robin at 5pm, on a Monday. I showed up wearing a casual but cute outfit. He showed up in sneekers, jeans and a grey t-shirt. Um- not impressed. Awkward hug at the front door. We met separately, which all first dates should be. 45 mins later, we were done with our meal. I was thoroughly bored, but he wanted to continue to date.
Excuse me, but continue the date where? It's 6pm on a Monday? He mentioned something about playing pool. I stuck to my guns and said I wasn't comfortable going far away to a seedy bar to play pool. He was persistent and asked the waitress if she knew a close place. By happenstance there were two chain restaurants that had a pool table near by. I had been to both- so i felt comfortable enough to have a drink and play a game of pool.
I met him at chain restaurant #1.
The table was being used- so we just had a drink and talked. About nothing. Literally about nothing. To this day, I can't remember what we actually talked about for an hourish. Oddly, as boring as it continued to be- he still wanted to play pool. I told him that I hadn't played pool since highschool after prom. Lucky for him, chain restaurant #2 was literally across the street.
I didn't really have much to do, again it was Monday- now 7pm.
I met him at chain restaurant #2.
The table was being used- so we just had a drink and talked. Then I think he felt awkward, and wanted to do something other than sit and drink. They had a little arcade- we we played a deer hunting game. (If anyone reading this knows me- that would be really weird to see- and it was) I kicked his butt- those bucks were mine. Then we played a basketball game. Not to be overtly confident, but my form was way better.
We sat after and proceeded to talk about trains for the next 30 mins. Yes, the train man was back. Oi Vey.
All I was thinking was, how do I get out of this date without being rude? Should I just suck it up or make an excuse to leave? The sun was starting to set, and my attention span was now at it's tension spring.
I sucked it up, gave him a hug good bye and ran out like a mad woman seeking authentic and non boring attention.
For all those who care, I told him- Thanks, but no thanks- to his second offer out.
Shutter. Never again.
I need more flavor in my dates or at least someone who's not socially awkward.

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