April 25, 2012


I went to the playground.
Walked around the jungle gym and he followed me. I walked to the swings, through the grass, over the pavement and in the gravel. These swings were odd and not normal. I swung back and forth because that's all my body could do. It was late and I couldn't really think. He stood by.
Then I walked to the basketball court and I paced. Not just for a minute, but for a while. Back and forth. I closed my eyes and counted the steps to took to cross the width of the court. It was fifteen. I did it blind in the black of the night. I forgot my jacket and I got chilly. I don't want to admit it, but he was nice to offer his. Then I remember how it felt to spin in circles like a little girl and loose myself in the dizzyness. I spun, but I think my head was spinning faster.
He said he finally knew what it felt like. It was a relief to me. I didn't think he would ever understand.
Now, I at least have comradeship.
My body ran out of energy and I sat on the cold pavement. No new words, but acknowledgement.
I gave back the jacket, a hug and prayers were said.
New leaf, new start, new flight.

I've decided I am going to approach this urban bird's flight by soaring to new heights.
I think I will fly above the city, rather than walk among it.
I'm tired of getting gum on my shoes, rained on and getting lost.

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