April 23, 2012

Serenade and Baseball

Just think of baseball, just think of baseball, just think of baseball.
That never works for me. I do have a liking to baseball. It reminds me of spring in San Francisco, with my grandfather. Ah, baseball.
As I am in the local of the Pirates- I figured I could use this to my advantage.
Quick backstory: I have a bank- where at one point all the debit cards were this bright orange and everyone I knew had them. I'm not a follower and like to be distinct, so i decided to get a personalized debit card. Yah, I know fancy pants. I didn't go to any of the big schools out here- so I choose the Pirates as the cover of my debit card.
Back to the current situation. I am sitting at the bar. The Pirates are currently on the tv. I say to the bartender, "So, since I'm paying with my (wink wink) Pirates card and the Pirates are on tv- I think I should get a discount."
Ok- I had to try. I grew up being taught- only stupid people don't ask questions. Worse case senerio- I had to pay what I ordered for.
The bartender replied- "Well, maybe if the Pirates were in the World Series. Go Dodgers!"
I thought my chances were slim now.

Before paying I decided to step out on to the patio for a breath of not so fresh air.  There was a cute gaggle of friends chatting away outside. I eaves-dropped and would frequently smile in their general direction as a pleasant casualty. After a few minutes, most of them went back in with the exception of this one boisterous bloke.
Five minutes prior to standing alone with him, I made a cheapshot at how I thought he was exceptionally drunk. I wasn't quite sure how the secluded time would go.
But there I was standing and talking with him. He asked me where I was from, which I replied California. I mentioned something about the bay area and Berkeley. He mentioned something about he went to Berkeley in Boston. A prestigious school for music. I asked what he studied. He replied vocal.
We got on the topic of favorite music, bands and singers. He wants to be a rock star. But at Berkeley you can't major in rockstarness. He said he was trained as an opera singer.
So, I challenged him- "Sing something."
Not sure if it was the liquor or what but he said- why not!
Then he sang me a few chords of an Italian Opera. Right there! Outside of my little brew pub.
It was fantastic. I've never been serenaded like that. He said he had never done that either.
Always a first.

I went back in, said good by to train man, good bye to the gaggle, and singed my bill.
Wait!~ Wait a second. I ordered three drinks. But he only charged me for two! What!
A serenade and a free drink because of baseball, heck ya.
Swing batter, swing!

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