May 1, 2012

Ins and Outs of Love

As I have been pondering about my love life, relationships and love- I have come to some conclusions. My conclusions have been edited, honed, and chiseled by my experiences, research and wise elders.
Love is....
Love is....
Love is not what society frames it as. Love is not lust or sex or infatuation. Love is not what you think it is.
Love is challenging, hard work and about trust.

I've never been in love.
I'm stubborn, afraid and lazy.

For a long time, I've always been curious about love. I knew it was unfamiliar, so I gathered up as much information I could read. I asked questions like, how will I know? What if I was in love and didn't know it before? Maybe I ran away from love because it was so hard? Did I end relationships because I was just unhappy or did I truly not love them? Was I waiting for that twitterpated feeling?

Feeling. Let's stop there. Is love more than a feeling? Yes, I believe. One can be, in love. But love is also a commitment, sacrifice, compromise. Love gets its hands dirty and isn't afraid of a messy problem.

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