June 9, 2012

Shortest Date Ever

*Sorry I had a month of not writing- was moving jobs and home. ie. a bit busy.

I did have a recent experience that I must translate.

This particular gentleman was from one of those online dating sites- I had mentioned previously. After over 24 hours of agonizingly deciding where to meet/eat/date, we had finally decided. 
We choose a lovely local but fine dining establishment in the cultural district. He had made reservations (which I thought was classy) and when I showed up he was waiting. It was fairly awkward for the first 15 minutes, as I had to drag out conversation with him.
Another irritation was his appearance. Now, I’m not that shallow to judge a date from his appearance but a whole lot of information presents itself upon first observation. This gentleman was wearing sneakers. Sneakers! Alright, I realize he was coming straight from work but I didn’t know he was wearing sneakers at work. I was wearing 5 inch heels! Basically, that earned negative points.

The food was great, expensive but great. While in the middle of dinner he was texting. Which I thought was a little rude but he qualified it as important. I shrugged it off. His face got distressed and I told him he should turn off his phone. He replied it was in his contract for work that he had to keep it on. Whatever. Five minutes later, he told me that he had to cut the date short because he was required to attend a conference call in less than an hour. Grumble. Ok. Luckily, I wasn’t too disappointed. I at least had one mojito. He did get more friendly and opened up as we wrapped up the evening, but it wasn’t enough to grab my attention. He drove me home and that was it. Perhaps it was an excuse to ditch me, perhaps it was the truth. I’ll never know.
Date ended in less 90 minutes. 

Oh, and the by the way three days later- he texted me that he felt no chemistry. At least the food was good. 


  1. Wow... Wowowowowowowooooowwww.

    Um... Wow. That's like sitcom worthy. That sounds crazypants. Sorry, friend. Glad you told him to turn off his phone, though. What a weirdo.

    1. glad i wasn't the only one thinking that. ;)


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