June 13, 2012

Confidently Cocky

My coworker and I hit up the local bar and grill near the off ramp to have a quick social hour after a ridiculous night at work. Mostly we discuss out idiot coworkers, annoying clients and how administration is oblivious to it all. This particular evening became slightly more interesting. 

In walk three twenty something’s. Now at this point coworker and I were the only ones in the restaurant before they walked in. They walked right in and sat right next to us and actually greeted us with an odd confidence. Coworker and I sort of eavesdropped on their conversation. I am a regular there and know the bartender fairly well. I noticed cocky guy #1 was trying to hit on bartender lady. With a ridiculous compliment, might I add (one- I would never fall for.) Bartender lady was polite and shrugged it off. I on the other hand guffawed really loud. He caught me! I gave him a bit of a discussed look back, when I noticed him noticing me. He interjected, “ It wasn’t that funny.”
Now, I’m not quick on my wit. So I just gave him an awkward look like - how do you know I was laughing at you?
What I really wanted to say was, “I wasn’t laughing at your joke. Trust me- I was laughing at your false projection of confidence that clearly failed.” 
I would pay money to repeat that moment over and see his reaction to that line. Oh well.
So we left.  


  1. I love when this happens! It is not very often, but when it does. Win!

  2. Lins- you are much more witty than I am. I'd love to see you swing some hard hitting lines at stupid boys one day.

  3. I am awful when it comes to dating or boys. I have been so unwilling to even let them attempt to date me. I was actually just talking about how I am finally ready and willing for some serious dating.


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