June 15, 2012

London Calling

The following story is from when I traveled abroad to London, England.

My friends and I decided to go to a club and get our energy out. It was fun, we had a great time. Although, I did notice that men in Europe are much more aggressive than in the US. For some reason, I felt like if I danced with someone- then there was this unspoken rule that I owed them something in return. If ya know what I mean?

So there I was shaking my thang, ant this African dude came up to me and started dancing. But very close, and a little too close for comfort actually. I found a friend and moved to the other side of the dance floor. About an hour later, African dude found me again! I looked across the floor searching for my friends- I couldn't find anyone. I did though make good eye contact with this one fellow. I ended up shrugging off the African dude and went to another part of the club. Then it was almost closing time, and I was afraid African dude was going to find me and corner me or worse follow me home. My friends were in the crowd somewhere- but I had no safety net. To my right I saw African dude about 30 feet away headed in my direction. To my left about 5 feet away was the guy I had eye contact with earlier. I grabbed his wrist walked towards to entrance and paused with him. 
I said, “HI- sorry to bother you but I just need to borrow you for a moment.” I took a breath and continued, “there is a guy following me and I just want him to think I am with someone.” African dude passed by and didn’t stop. Whew! I was in the clear. And now I had this cute guy standing next to me. I finished with, “I’d love to thank you by buying you a pint at the pub.” He said yes with no hesitation. Later that week, we met and I bought him his pint. We hit it off right after that. 

 Even years and miles apart, I still chat with him to this day. Thank buddy. 

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