January 12, 2013

Just a Glance

Alright, alright....so, it's true. I have neglected this blog for a while. I wish I could say it was due to the uncontrollable increase of prospective daters. But. Sigh. It is not.
I was recollecting, re-calibrating and re-centering myself. I have been in a period of self love. I needed to figure out what I was doing and why. Once I started this journey, I realized that it will never end. I'm excited to make better choices, that also include my dating pool.
The last few months- I entertained the company of a few guys but it turned out there were not up to snuff (to even write about).

Which leads me to last night.

All it took was a glance.
I recently started working at a new dining establishment in my neighborhood and around about hungry time I took a break to order a salad from the line. As I was sitting at the bar to enjoy my yum-tastic salad. Two gents arrived at the door- one who was my particular flavor and one not so much.
At that was the glance. He saw me and I saw him.
I noticed there wasn't many seats available so I scooted one stool down so that they may sit together. My savvy plan failed, because someone closer to the door scooted before they saw the open seats next to me. Oh well, I thought. I only have 10 min to eat this anyways. I finished and went back to my station. 
This was later in my shift, and for the next hour....I swear he keep looking at me. At first, I wasn't sure and thought I was imaging things. Later, I was kinda excited that a guy that I was interested in was interested in me. But I was working! Being professional is important to me, so I sort of gave up the idea that we would ever actually talked. I figured him and his friend would leave after and hour and that would be it.
Well, towards the end of my shift...he was still there. A friend of my casually showed up to meet me after work, so I purposefully posted her at the bar next to the men folk.
After I clocked out, I sat at the bar and chatted with my friend about boys and how silly they were. At the same time, I was eavesdropping (I know, it's bad). But when the guy you are attracted to is a loud talker, and two seats away- it's kinda hard not to shut off the ears. Oddly enough, he took was taking about the relationships of men and women, too! As my girlfriend was questioning all the men in the world- I casually turned to Mr. Interesting and said, "He's a man, you should just ask him."
Bingo-Bango. Then the interaction began.
He came over, gave some good advice and we hit it off. He kinda ignored his friend and I kinda ignored my friend  We talked til closing, and we went deep. Philosophy, God, Religion, relationships, - you know, all the things you shouldn't really talk about the first time you meet someone. We did! It wasn't bad. We agreed a lot, and we disagreed on some things. Longer story shorter- he asked if we could continue to the conversation another time. I said yes. He asked for number, and I gave.

Half an hour later- we texted each other til 4am.(Which I might add-I confirmed and he admitted he noticed me the moment he walked in and was keeping an eye on me while I was working. I found out- that he actually wanted to buy me a drink when I was on break- but once he noticed I was working he couldn't.) I went to sleep. Woke up, and he continued to text me and set up a date.
I'm intrigued by this guy who I'm attracted to physically and attracted to intellectually.
First guy to challenge me in a while. I"m excited.
I'll keep posted about the next engagement.

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