July 12, 2012

A Little Update or "The Encounters"

Alright, so I havn’t been on any actual dates in a while- but I have had some encounters. I choose to put them all together b/c they are kinda short and sweet (or sour rather).

Encounter #1-I went to Reggae night and was early.While I waited the bartender hooked up a laptop and tuned into an important basketball game. The music wasn’t fully pumping and there was only like 6 guys at the bar and me. So, I watched the game silently to myself while sitting in the middle of the bar, drinking my little drink. Wouldn’t you know- I sat there and watched the whole game! As did the other 6 guys. No one said a word to me, they were so enthralled with the game. Even the guy sitting 2 inches next to me- not a peep. Two minutes after the game, I had finished my drink and was sipping on water- when all of the sudden- another drink popped up. Wait. I didn’t order another drink. I looked to my left, and looked to my right to see who bought me a drink. Come to find out – it was the guy sitting next to me for the past 2 hours! After talking, come to find out- he’s in his 30’s, works as a waiter and still lives with his mom. NEXT.

Encounter #2- Online guy. Yah I know, I said I was done- but I lied- I was bored and went back on. He initiated the conversation and I stuck it out. He seemed sweet and wanted to be a comedian. After talking, come to find out- he’s in his 20’s, does not work, can’t drive and lives with his mom. NEXT.

Encounter #3- Chilling at my friends bar, this particular night- I lad lost my voice from work, so I carried around a pen and legal pad the whole night. Yes, it looked ridiculous. Dude approaches me, and I scribble down why I can’t talk. We write/chat for a minute. After talking, come to find out- he’s in his late 30’s, lives with his cousin, and just got released from a 19 year long stint in prison this past spring. NEXT.

NEXT. ….. NEXT……NEXT…….still waiting.

Is it so hard to ask for a guy who has a job, has his own place, perhaps has a car, and does not have a criminal record? 
I just want some substance. 

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